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what should I ask my pharmacist?

Cover the bases

Ask your pharmacist: 1. What is the name of my
2. How do I take it?
3. What side effects does it
4. Does it interact with my other
Always ask for a medication leaflet with each new prescription. Don't assume anything--educate yourself!

Should I own a reference book?


Everyone should own a simple drug reference book. Many are available in layman's terms and have pictures. Never assume that your doctor or pharmacist are perfect. They are human and therefore make mistakes like everyone else.

What should I ask my doctor about my medication?

The four W's

Every time your doctor prescribes a new medication for you ask: 1. Why am I taking this medication?
2. When do I take it?
3. Where do I put it? (Do I swallow it or
apply it?)
4. What am I taking? (name of medication)

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