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Do I need a pill cutter?

Getting the proper dosage

A pill cutter is a plastic device designed to cut tablets in half. Many people require a dosage that is commercially unavailable. Most pills are scored down the middle allowing you to snap them in half if needed. However, many people with arthritis or sight problems cannot accomplish this. The pill cutter is an inexpensive way to accurately split your pills in half if needed. Never split pills without being instructed to do so by your doctor or pharmacist, as some medications can be harmful if split.

Should I get my entire prescription filled?

New prescriptions

If you are getting a prescription filled that is new to you, and you have no insurance, you should only purchase a weeks worth of the medication to make sure it agrees with you. Pharmacies are not allowed to take back medications once they leave the store, so if you are not sure how you will react to a new drug, don't purchase the entire amount. In most cases you can purchase the remainder later.

Should I get a prescription discount card?

Discount cards

Many companies advertise prescription discount cards on television. These are not insurance companies, but offer a contracted price (often lower than retail) on medications for a small annual fee. The fees on the cards are usually minimal, so it pays to have one if you are not insured for prescriptions. They typically offer up to 15% off of the retail prices, which can add up if you are on a lot of medications.

How do I remember what time to take my pills?


Some people cannot remember to take their medications, or what time to take them. Setting an alarm or timer can be very beneficial--simply set it for the time you are planning on taking your pills, and wait for it to go off.

Can I delay my prescription payment?

Delayed billing

Unfortunately many senior citizens are without prescription insurance. This may be devastating to those on multiple medications. Some pharmacies offer delayed billing, allowing you to pay them at the end of the month for your purchases. It pays to ask around to see if a pharmacy in your area offers this service, if you are waiting for checks to arrive at the end of the month.

Do pill boxes help the geriatric population?

Pill boxes

Many senior citizens are on multiple medications, taken at different times of the day. A very effective and inexpensive way to ensure that they are taking the correct pill at the correct time is to use a pill box. Pill boxes come with the day of the week and times of the day on them, so they can set up their pills for the entire week in advance, therefore reducing errors.

Can I get a senior citizen discount?

Senior discounts

It is very important to ask your pharmacy if they offer a senior citizen discount. Discounts are usually 10%, which can save you a substantial amount of money over time. These discounts will only be offered to people that do not have prescription insurance.

What is bubble packing?

Bubble packing

There is a portion of the population that aren't helped by pill boxes or timers. They may benefit from having their medicines "bubble packed", or placed in individual sealed compartments for each dose. Check with your local pharmacy to see if they perform this service. You can usually get your medications sealed together by dose-- by the week or month. That way you simply take all of the pills in the "bubble" corresponding to the proper day and time--no more filling boxes or fumbling with prescription bottles.

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