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How can I instill drops in my child´s eye?

Getting the drops in your children's eyes

Many kids dislike eye drops because they can see you instilling them. An alternate way to use them would be to have them close their eyes. Then place a drop in the corner of their eye. When the eye is then opened, the drop will flush across the eye surface. Adults that have trouble with the "pocket" method can try this as well.

How do I instill eye drops?

Getting the drop in the eye

Follow these instructions to instill eye drops:
1.Wash your hands
2.Do not touch the tip of the dropper or let it touch
the eye
3.Tilt your head back
4.Pull your lower lid back to form a pocket
5.Let the drop fall in the pocket
6.Press on the inside corner of your eye with your
eyes closed
If you use more than one type of drop, wait 5 minutes between the two so the first drop isn't washed out.

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