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Should I wait for my prescription?

Ask questions

If this is a new prescription to you, it may be new to the pharmacy as well. Always ask if the drug is in stock before deciding to wait. It often takes a while before anyone even looks at your prescription if the store is busy.

Is a chain or independent pharmacy faster?

Chain vs Independent pharmacy

The big pharmacy chains are typically the busiest. You can usually get your prescriptions filled faster if you go to a smaller independent pharmacy.

What time of the day should I have my prescriptions filled?

Time of day

If possible, try to avoid getting your prescription filled in the first hour the pharmacy is open. This is typically the busiest time of the day. Mondays and days following holidays should be avoided as well.

What can I do to decrease my waiting time for a new prescription?

Personal Information

When you arrive at the pharmacy, have your insurance card ready, and notify the clerk of any changes to your personal information, such as address etc. This small step can decrease your waiting time substantially. It will keep the pharmacy from essentially filling your prescription twice--once with the wrong information and once with the correct information.

How far in advance should I call in my refill?

Think ahead

Always call in your refill at least 2 business days in advance. That will allow the pharmacy to order the medication if necessary and to have adequate time to prepare it. Then all you have to do is pop in to pick it up.

Should I use my pharmacies automated system?


Many pharmacies have automated systems allowing you to leave your refill number on a machine. This will allow the pharmacy to fill your refill more efficiently and will save you time waiting on hold.

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