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Can mail order save me money?

Mail Order

If your insurance have a mail order plan, it can usually save you substantial amounts of money on maintenance medications. You still need to use your local pharmacy for medications that you need immediately.

How many pills should I buy if I have no insurance?

Quantity of pills

If you are trying a new medications, request a 7 days supply at first. This will give you enough time to see if it agrees with you. Pharmacies cannot take medication back once you purchase it.

How can a senior citizen save money on prescriptions?

Shop around--senior discounts

Shop around for a pharmacy that offers senior discounts. The discount is typically 10% off and will only apply to seniors that have no prescription insurance.

Should I get a discount card for my prescriptions?

Saving money--discount cards

Many senior organizations and companies offer a discount card for prescriptions. You pay a small annual fee and then receive a contracted price for your medications. The savings are usually a little higher than the typical 10% senior discount, so it would pay to have one of these if you are on many medications.

Should I save my pharmacy receipts?

Save your receipts

Save all pharmacy receipts, as some medications may be covered under major medical plans. Some individuals can also submit receipts for tax purposes.

How can the number of pills prescribed save me money?

Days supply

Check with your insurance carrier to see how many days supply of medication you can receive for 1 copayment. Ask your doctor to write your prescriptions for that amount of pills. Many physicians automatically write for a 30 day supply, but some insurance companies will cover a 90 day supply for the same copayment--which can save you alot of money over time.

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