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How long will my pediatric antibiotic be good?

Antibiotic liquids

Pediatric antibiotics typically have expirations dates of 10 to 14 days. If you have any medication left over after that time period it should be discarded, as it will lose its potency after that time.

How long before my insulin expires?


Insulin products typically have short expiration dating once the container is opened. If your insulin is in a vial, it is stable for 28 days once it is opened regardless of whether it is refrigerated or not. If your insulin is in a pen form, it is stable for 10 to 28 days(depending on insulin type)unrefrigerated, and up until the manufacturer's expiration date on the box if it is refrigerated regardless if it is opened or not.

How long will my over the counter medications be good?

Over the counter medications

Over the counter medications will all have an expiration date on them. If you notice any type of color, taste, or smell change to them, it is best to discard the medication.

How long will my nitroglycerin pills be good?

Nitroglycerin pills

Nitroglycerin pills are taken under the tongue for chest pain. These pills must be stored in the glass bottle they come in for them to retain their potency. Once the bottle is opened, they are stable for 6 months. If you have any pills left after that time they should be discarded.

How long will my prescription be good before it expires?


Most prescription vials will have an expiration date on it. Often it is one year or less from when you have the prescription filled. This is because the manufacturer dating on the pharmacy's stock bottle only applies to their sealed container. Once the stock container is opened, potency is usually guaranteed for one year or less. If you don't see an expiration date on your bottle ask the pharmacist for it. If a medication begins to have an odor or tastes funny, have the pharmacist look at it for you.

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