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How can I tell if my prescription drugs interact with each other?

Pick one pharmacy and stick with it

Most pharmacies will automatically screen your prescriptions for interactions. It is very important that you either have all of your medications filled in one store, or that you inform the pharmacist of all of your current medications. Ask your pharmacist for a medication leaflet with all new prescriptions, so that you can educate yourself.

Do I need blood glucose strips?

Backup glucose testing

It is a good idea to have a canister of urine glucose or ketone strips at home. If your monitor malfunctions or if you run out of supplies, these strips can at least give you a ballpark figure as to what your sugar levels are.

Can I take my prescription medication with otc drugs?

When in doubt--Ask!

All over the counter (otc) medications can potentially interact with your prescriptions. Examples include: Certain antibiotics taken with antacids, high blood pressure medications taken with cold remedies, otc pain medications taken with prescription pain medications, and blood thinners taken with aspirin. You should ask a health professional before taking any otc product if you are on prescription medications.

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