Prescription Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase my prescription heartburn medication over the counter?

Should I get a prescription discount card?

Should I get a discount card for my prescriptions?

Do I need to finish an antibiotic prescription?

Do I need to take my pain medication on a schedule?

Do I need to finish my maintenance medication?

How often do I take my medication?

Should I take a prescription or an otc antihistamine?

Can I take an otc product for my cold and flu symptoms?

How do I figure out how long my bottle of pills will last?

How do I know how much is in a teaspoonful & tablespoonful etc...?

How do I find out about pharmacy calculations involving solids?

How do I instill eye drops?

How can I instill drops in my childīs eye?

How can I enhance the taste of my antibiotic liquid?

Can my medication be specially flavored?

Should I purchase a medication device?

How do I instill ear drops?

What should I ask my doctor about my medication?

what should I ask my pharmacist?

Should I own a reference book?

What if my medication looks different?

Can I delay my prescription payment?

Do I need a pill cutter?

What can I do to decrease my waiting time for a new prescription?

Should I wait for my prescription?

What time of the day should I have my prescriptions filled?

Is a chain or independent pharmacy faster?

Should I use my pharmacies automated system?

How far in advance should I call in my refill?

How many pills should I buy if I have no insurance?

Should I save my pharmacy receipts?

Can mail order save me money?

How can the number of pills prescribed save me money?

How can a senior citizen save money on prescriptions?

Are prescription and over the counter pain relievers the same?

How can I get my glucose monitor for free?

Which glucose monitor should I purchase?

Do I have to prick my finger for a blood sample?

How do I store my insulin?

How do I travel with insulin?

Do I need blood glucose strips?

Can I take my prescription medication with otc drugs?

How can I tell if my prescription drugs interact with each other?

How long before my insulin expires?

How long will my nitroglycerin pills be good?

How long will my prescription be good before it expires?

How long will my over the counter medications be good?

How long will my pediatric antibiotic be good?

Do pill boxes help the geriatric population?

How do I remember what time to take my pills?

What is bubble packing?

Can I get a senior citizen discount?

Should I get my entire prescription filled?

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